Junior Manager in IT

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We could call this position a Sales Manager, since your responsibilities will be winning new customers, and that’s how we traditionally call those guys inside the company. No cold sales, however.

We could call this position a Contract Negotiator, because your duties will be signing contracts and negotiating the terms. But it’s simply a small part of the job.

We could also call this position an Account Manager, since you’ll have to maintain the company’s existing customers’ accounts. No balance sheets or invoicing whatsoever.

We could call this position an IT Consultant, since one has to consult potential and real customers on IT. However, no particular experience in technologies is required initially, cause we are looking for a Junior, and will teach you all.

So we are ready to say hello to a young ambitious person and bring you up into a successful professional.

And we believe it will be just fair to let you know all the aspects of this challenging position which we simply call a Manager in IT.

You will be involved in consulting on wide variety of different technologies and industries — from games to financial solutions, from C++ to JavaScript and anywhere in between. Your customers will be startups, investors, business owners, or other software companies from USA, Europe and Australasia. The clients will address you in search for help with the realization of their unique business ideas. Having completed an individual training programme at Sibers successfully, you’ll be able to guide them and offer the most effective way to implement their ideas.

It is a perfect job for self-disciplined individuals able to work in close connection with developers, project managers and our marketing people.

You are expected to have excellent communication skills, great commercial intuition and Western client-oriented attitude. Even if you know nothing about software development, it’s not a problem — during probation period you’ll have special training giving you all necessary knowledge about technologies and development process. You should be ready to work evenings and nights from home: our customers are located in the US and Europe and sometimes, you’ll have to talk to them on Skype or on the phone during their working hours (which may differ significantly from ours).

You must speak English effortlessly, be able to read and write without vocabularies or translation software, as well as demonstrate 100% comprehension of phone conversations.

Your key tasks as Junior Manager in IT would include:

  • Looking through mountains of projects and selecting the ones that would be interesting for the company (no cold calls)
  • Building relationships with clients to encourage new and repeat business opportunities
  • Understanding your customers’ needs on both business and technical levels
  • Consulting clients involving Sibers’ technical team
  • Keeping in contact with future and existing customers by telephone, email, Skype calls and instant messengers
  • Advising customers on delivery schedules, management and development services
  • Agreeing terms, prices, scopes of work, contracts and payments
  • Working closely with a project team in order to maintain continuous knowledge of a project status in order to identify potential issues and/or opportunities within or related to the project
  • Reporting industry and technology trends to your supervisor.


  • Status: Full-time employee
  • Education: University degree. Graduates of NSU technical departments would have an advantage
  • No particular experience in IT required
  • Fluent English and experience in live verbal communication is a must
  • Office location in Bishkek.

Got interested? Feel free to send us a cover letter in English along with your resume or CV.

Поделиться ссылкой на эту вакансию:

Всем нашим сотрудникам мы предоставляем:

  • удобное расположение офисов — в бизнес-центрах в Академгородке, в центре Новосибирска, Бишкеке и Барнуле;
  • участие в интересных и разнообразных проектах для иностранных заказчиков;
  • гибкий рабочий график;
  • семинары, сертификации и карьерный рост;
  • стабильную заработную плату и ежемесячные бонусы;
  • бесплатные курсы английского языка;
  • множество корпоративных мероприятий;
  • организованные спортивные тренировки: баскетбол, футбол, волейбол, настольный теннис, сноуборд и горные лыжи;
  • льготные обеды;
  • полностью оснащённую кухню в офисе;
  • молодой, дружный и приветливый коллектив!

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